Baby Number 2???

I remember telling people when I was pregnant with Georgia that it was both planned and unplanned. My then fiancé Mr L and I had talked about having children, agreed we wanted to be parents and decided to see what happened, we weren’t actively trying. We had a family holiday booked for my 30th later that year and our wedding booked for the following September.

Even now I’m not sure what made me buy a test, I didn’t feel any different and wasn’t ‘late’. I was that convinced it would be negative I didn’t even mention it to Mr L, so it was a massive shock to me and I was worried how he would react. He took it better than I thought he would!

I had a very sober 30th in Turkey and a relatively easy 9 months. Yes I felt sick, but wasn’t ever sick, I felt tired at the relevant points through and other than back pain when little miss decided to settle in back-to-back and a slight scare over my heart rate at 8 months it felt plain sailing. I suppose because we were planning for a wedding which was taking place 5 months after I was due, I was more worried about fitting into the wedding dress my mum had bought than impending motherhood.

Having watched plenty of One Born Every Minute I was convinced I would be able to deal with the pain of labour and in hindsight I was stupid and naive to think that bit would be easy. But 19.5 hours later at 1.23am on the 20th April 2013 Georgia arrived, all pink and perfect and weighing a smaller than expected 7lb 9oz (I was rather large). As it happens the 20th April is also when Neil’s brother became a dad for the first time,11 years before.


Now as she approaches her second birthday I’m wondering more and more whether to talk to Mr L about a second baby. It is a subject we’ve touched upon in the past but never discussed at length or made any decisions. Typically ‘when are we having another’ is a question we are now asked all the time.

As if on cue to stop such thoughts I can hear a little person crying and calling my name…night all

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