Our Christmas and the broken foot!

I realise its February but…I’ve mentioned I fractured my foot on Boxing Day but that was the cherry on top for the Christmas we had! Typically the first Christmas we had decided to host at home!

Georgia hadn’t been well for weeks…she’d had countless sickness bugs, colds and coughs to the point she was being sick again, an ear infection and our Doctor just told us it was all normal and to ride it out. Then Christmas week she came out in spots! Back we went to the doctors on Christmas Eve only to be told the doctor couldn’t be sure and their guess was impetigo or hand, foot and mouth (not to be confused with foot and mouth). Armed with a bottle of penicillin and having been warned she could be contagious we set about cancelling the family visits planned for that day and told her grandparents we understood if they wanted to spend Christmas Day elsewhere. Not wanting to ruin the day they all decided to risk it and despite the penicillin really really not agreeing with little miss we did have a great day!


Mr L had agreed to do a couple of hours behind the bar of our cricket club Boxing Day afternoon, and as my family congregate there after the rugby and because the spots had gone down me and little miss decided to risk a hour out…big mistake. After 30 minutes of being there Georgia started being sick so after a quick clean up and a change of clothes we went home where she instantly fell asleep.

Now the cherry bit…when little miss woke up 3 hours later she was in a great mood, was asking for some toast and insisted on me carrying her and going downstairs. We were doing so well until I reached 3 steps from the bottom and I can’t explain what happened other than we fell. As expected my only thoughts were not dropping Georgia and making sure she landed on me. I obviously acted as a good cushion because she was fine other than in shock.

Poor Neil heard a bang from the kitchen and rushed in to find Georgia crying, me writhing in agony and us both on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. No sooner had he calmed her down I started crying and that set her off again. I assumed it was a sprain so spent the night with it elevated and applied ice but woke up the next day to Mr L adament we were going to the minor injury clinic to be sure and after being told off for not taking any pain relief they confirmed a break, potted me up and sent me away with instructions to phone the hospital on Monday. Merry Christmas!!!



4 thoughts on “Our Christmas and the broken foot!

  1. Oh dear sounds like Christmas was a bit of a nightmare. Glad that Georgia was unhurt in the fall and hope that your foot is healing well


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