I want my Daddy

Since before Christmas, Georgia has been all about Daddy. She calls his name at night when she wakes up, she asks for him as soon as she gets up on a morning. She only wants Daddy to pick her up and she only wants to give/get cuddles and kisses from Daddy. Whenever he leaves a room and doesn’t take her with him she screams and cries and when I ask her who loves Georgia, she says Daddy. Her face lights up and she gets so excited when he comes home from work, or collects her from Grandma and Grandad’s and if I’m with him I barely get a look and she pushes past me to get to him. Daddy has also been looking after Georgia more than ever since my accident and I worry all this will be reinforced by him doing nearly everything.

Georgia and daddy nil and ge

I’ve scoured the internet and read numerous articles online that all suggest this is a phase, but its definitely made the last couple of months even more difficult and left me feeling more useless and helpless as a mum. Its also added to the pressure Mr L has felt under to take care of us, the house and work full time. Most articles suggested we should continue to carry on as normal and not let Georgia dictate who did what and when, but there has been certain things I couldn’t do. Bedtime has always been ‘Mummy and Georgia’ time, we’d have a story and snuggles in her chair and I’d lift her into her cot and wait in her room until she fell asleep. I suddenly wasn’t able to walk without crutches so couldn’t carry or get her into bed and as soon as Daddy got involved I wasn’t needed or wanted.

As I slowly find my feet again I’ve been able to get more involved and on occasion now she will shout out for Daddy and Mummy but she is still definitely a Daddy’s Girl and although I love the bond they have, I’m looking forward to more ‘Mummy and Georgia’ time in the future.

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7 thoughts on “I want my Daddy

  1. Having all of this daddy time is a good thing considering it’s usually just you and her. Little girls need a strong relationship with there dads so they can grow up to respect men and expect the same respect back.


  2. We are the other way around – H is definitely a mummys girl and will let hubby do very little for her. Either way, it’s v draining for the parent being in demand and hard for the one who’s not. She’ll prob switch her mind again soon, so enjoy the demand-free time 🙂


  3. A friend of mine has a theory that this is inevitable at some point – the parent who is not there all the time is always going to be the exciting one. Doesn’t make it any easier, of course.


  4. I do think kids go through phases like this – Grace regularly does with Ross and sometimes I feel really left out! But I continue to remind myself that it is a GOOD thing that she loves him and maybe she needs more reassurance from him when she doesn’t from me when she believes that I will always be there. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x


    1. Thanks Victoria, I love the bond Georgia and Daddy have and I know deep down its been made worse for me because of my little accident and finding it difficult to do so much. We’ve also struggled to do things as a family so looking forward to the 3 amigos being back together. Thanks too for having the link #PoCoLo x


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