Stalking the Sale

I love my little girl to look good so I spend a lot of time online looking for cute clothes and shoes for her, ideally at discounted prices. Mr L despairs when I say we need to make a trip to Next to collect an order because that usually means there are several orders waiting because I stalk the Sale and Clearance section on their website! Some days I check out the website several times throughout the day, on a ‘good’ day this can be anything between 10-15 times, making sure nothing new has been added or suddenly become available on a hourly basis.

Some of the latest bargains I have snapped up…

2015-02-25_15.22.02 2015-02-25_13.41.47

On occasion I have braved the sale in store, but being up, ready and out before 6am is really not an easy thing for a mummy who loves her bed and I’m lucky that Georgia isn’t an early riser either. Mr L has also had invites to be a VIP sale shopper, so I’ve been able to take advantage of this too. Personally I prefer not to look beforehand and see what is likely to be available, especially when there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get everything you see. I’ve also now learnt sometimes you have to be patient for unavailable items to become available as items move quickly from screen to basket and back again. Another reason why I check the website on a regular basis!

Trips to the store outside of sale time give me an excuse to look at the current items in store and pick out pieces to buy in the future. If I’m really lucky Mr L will agree to buying some things then and there. Although he complains I buy little miss too much, deep down I know he is just as bad as me and definitely has an opinion on what she wears and whether he likes something or not (he’s the same with my clothes too!) Our local store is in a retail park and has the benefit of having a Costa inside too, so we usually combine a visit with lunch or afternoon coffee/cake and I use this to my advantage because Mr L is a sucker for Costa and Georgia likes it too. Great collaboration and a win win for everybody in my family!

Look out for more posts about shopping…thanks for reading x

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6 thoughts on “Stalking the Sale

  1. I think we could be the same person haha, I’m a terrible Next addict and constantly on the website! We’ve just found out we’re expecting a baby boy, so now I get to shop both sections… my oh is gunna kill me 😉 xx


    1. It can get addictive, I’ve been on today and ordered a couple of things! Congratulations!! All the babies in my family are boys, I’ve the only girl so I love when it comes round to birthdays and Christmas. Happy shopping xx


  2. I’ve got baby number two on the way and could literally buy one of everything, but since it’s another boy I’ve got so much stuff left over from Toby I can’t justify it.. that doesn’t stop me from stalking it like you though! x


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