Play Gym Friday 27/02/15 #Week 1

We decided to go to one of the smaller local play gyms called Buttons for our outing this afternoon. Ive been taking Georgia since she was about 8 months old as it has a designated baby section, a 2-3 years section and a bigger play area for the over 3s.  I’m a mummy who likes to encourage their child to have some freedom at the play gym, attempting to watch from a safe distance and hoping the child I can hear crying is not mine, or crying because of mine! Despite this, I do spend many Fridays on my hands and knees, unable to stand up, encouraging little miss to venture this way and that, go down the slide or swim in the ball pool (sure many parents know all about this) so today because it was quiet we (aka I) decided to be brave and try G playing in the area meant for the over 3s as this meant she could play more with her cousin who is 4 and that there would be more for her to explore and enjoy!

I’m always surprised at the heights children are expected to climb to move around different levels in any play gym and how some children, no matter how old or tall, manage this better than others. Georgia finds coming down easier than going up and although she will try, she often needs a helping hand, something her cousin is very good at giving. Not really able to climb in myself at the minute, I watched from the floor as G let her cousin give her a leg up each step and lead the way, before suddenly changing her mind and filling the small industrial estate unit with screams of “Mummy, Mummy”, closely followed by tears. Her cousin knew he had been beaten so rather than try force her to come down with him, he did what most 4 year olds would do and that was race down to get me. Luckily being ‘stuck’ as she told me, put G off venturing into unknown territory again and she stuck to what she knew after.

Note to self:- little miss is only 22 months old, despite me feeling like she’s been here forever some days.


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