Are you worried about Georgia?

Mr L and I enjoyed some adult time on Saturday with family and we were able to leave Georgia in the hands of Grandma and Grandad L for the day/night. I consider us very lucky to both have parents who are very ‘hands on’ when it comes to little miss, which means I can work and we get a great balance of family time and mummy/daddy time.

While out I was asked whether I was worried about Georgia and without hesitation I was able to say no. Being worried about Georgia when she’s not in my care is an emotion I’ve never had. Instead I explained I worried more about her behaving and not causing any trouble for whoever was caring for her. I want whoever spends time with her to get as much joy and enjoyment as I get being with her (without any toddler tantrums). Whether that be grandparent, auntie, uncle, godparent or friend.

From her being a tiny baby its always been that way. She first ‘slept out’ at my mum and dads when she was 2 weeks old and as new parents we seized the opportunity to get some much needed sleep. At no point did I worry about Georgia. I worried how my parents would feel having broken sleep and having to deal with night feeds almost 30 years after their own children, I worried whether her crying would disturb my sister, the neighbours or upset the dog. When thinking about Georgia the only thing I did do was miss her, I wanted to know everything she was doing and when so I still felt involved.

Having been asked the question on Saturday, I’ve thought about why I don’t worry about her, and wondered whether I should. Was I being irresponsible by not, was I being naïve as a new mum. I know many mummies who wouldn’t dream of letting their child sleep out at 12 months let alone 2 weeks but I’d had no difficulty…did that make me a ‘bad’ mum. Without hesitation I find myself saying no again. I’ve realised over the weekend I don’t worry about Georgia in this way because there is no need. I may have no problem entrusting somebody else to look after my little girl, but that doesn’t mean anybody can do it. Since finding out I was pregnant she has been the most precious thing in my life and I know I would only leave her if I was totally certain. I don’t doubt somebody else can look after her as well if not better than me and they often do. I also like to think being ‘passed around’ has helped make her the sociable, outgoing little girl she is. These days I still miss her, but I enjoy the time to be Kelly too and feel very fortunate I can have both. She’ll hopefully always need her mummy, but its ok if she wants, grandma, grandad, auntie, uncle, godparent or friend too!

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4 thoughts on “Are you worried about Georgia?

  1. This is a great post! I feel the same as you. My little girl slept quite early on…in fact she was in her own room by 8 weeks. We leave her with my parents overnight and I’ve left her with friends when I’ve had appointments. You are so right it makes them sociable and independent! xxx


  2. I am completely the same!! I often think more about whether the person looking after him is getting sleep! I have no issues leaving him, I like to check in on him but generally, wherever he is, he’s having the best time. It doesn’t make us bad parents, it makes our children independent, sociable and non clingy! It’s good for them! Thanks for linking up with #twinklytuesday


  3. I don’t think this makes you a bad mum at all! I’m the same I had the thought of amelia playing up someone else when they are looking after her and find myself giving excuses before I’ve even left…she might be tired/hungry or she could be a bit poorly today! We are all different! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up hope to see you again tomorrow!! #MummyMonday xx


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