7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 2 Mar/8 Mar

This week has been a bit of a strange one and I’ve had days where I seemed to have learnt quite a few things and then a bit of a lull. Its taken a little bit of thinking to come up with 7 but here goes…

1. I had seriously bad hair pre-straighteners! I was sent some pictures by one of my best friends that he had saved from when we finished school at 16 and wow. Why I thought it was a good idea to have my hair cut into a bob when it was thick and very wavy I have no idea. (Evidence below)

16 Year Old Me

2. The same best friend has still not forgotten or forgiven me for a cheeky snog I had while we were out for New Years over 12 years ago and he also kept photos from that night too! Thankfully I had found straighteners by then, however I had dodgy blonde highlights left over from the linpinkk/purple streaks I’d experimented with at university.

3. Houses really do not clean themselves! They also don’t get cleaned by husbands or 2 year olds, no matter how much she tries to help. Like most people I hate cleaning, add a sore foot and a nearly 2 year old trying to copy everything I do and it takes even longer and no matter how clean the place is little miss can make a room untidy in seconds.

4. Plaster and black furniture don’t mix! Having blitzed the house on Wednesday by the time Thursday morning came all the furniture in our bedroom was covered in dust again. Beyond making Mr L strip before he enters the house I’m not sure how to get round this, other than by dusting and polishing every day and that is not happening.

5. Little miss now needs her dodie (dummy)! We have gone from wanting it, to her now telling me “I need it”. This is usually met with me asking her if she is going to sleep before saying for the 100th time that day “dodies are for sleepy time”. I have to hand it to her for being clever though because she now goes to lie down in her sleeping spot on the sofa before again telling me “need dodie in my mouth”. Im still working out how to respond to that.

6. Holmfirth is nothing like I thought it would be! Having never watched Last of the Summer Wine that aspect is wasted on me. OK I took a pic of Sid’s Cafe, but I have no clue who Sid is or what significance the cafe had. I was merely taken in by the big sign in the window explaining this was featured in the programme. Being honest I’m not totally certain what I expected but I was surprised by the number of card shops, which also doubled up as gift shops and other than a few nice cafes, the Picturedrome, the usual charity shops and a larger than I’m used to Co-op that was it really.


7. Mr L hates middle lane hogging! I’m not sure whether the OH was a little annoyed anyway but he had full on road rage on the motorway Saturday and it seemed to all be aimed at people who ‘hog’ the middle lane. I don’t remember ever seeing this side of him but he was getting really quite irrate and typically there was a flurry of offenders on the road that day.

Wonder what next week will bring?!?

Mama and More


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One thought on “7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 2 Mar/8 Mar

  1. Hehe some of these are great!! I’m so with you there on the straighteners – I don’t know how I coped pre GHD’s! I’m also with your husband on the driving part – I get irate with other drivers!! Thanks for linking up with #twinklytuesday


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