Spotlight on George

The title isn’t a spelling mistake of little miss’s name, but because I am loving George @ Asda. This isn’t a new found love but one that really started when I found out I was pregnant (deciding on the name Georgia had nothing to do with this BTW). As I grew in nearly every direction, yes I was one of those pregnant women who didn’t worry about baby weight, I wanted good quality but more importantly good value clothes to see me through my maternity. After finding out baby was pink I needed to get all the essentials whilst also building her a wardrobe as cute as I knew she would be. I was conscious she would grow far too quickly for my liking and we were also planning a wedding so needed to watch the pennies. I especially loved and still do love being able to combine boring food shopping with picking out gorgeous outfits for Miss G, and when really lucky items for myself.

Out of the blue two weeks ago Auntie Tatey called to check what size clothes to buy Miss G and she arrived at our house with these…

Presents from Auntie Tatey

Georgia and I happened to visit our local Asda last week and realised a sale was taking place. You can’t beat an opportunity to grab a bargain so I scoured the rail for anything in age 2-3 to add to the collection I’m building up for when she moves a size. These are some of the finds I managed to buy…

Sale @Asda

This week I’ve spent some time browsing the online store picking out items to buy in the future and in particular for our holiday in June…

Hope to buy...

Finally I managed to drag Mr L into our local Asda Living store today and pi led up these little gems. A great mixture of for now, for our holidays and a super cute Doc McStuffin outfit for Miss G’s birthday next month…

Today's purchases!


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