7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 16 Mar/22 Mar

After an underwhelming Mothers Day, I started the week in a bit of a mood and was rather fed up if I’m honest so this week I wanted to learn things that would cheer me up or lighten my mood. Here’s how I got on…

1. Mothers get a day, daughters get a week! it made me chuckle on Monday to read it was Daughter’s Week. I wasn’t and still aren’t convinced that this is an actual ‘week’ but it made me smile that as a daughter I would have a week to celebrate how great I was and as a mother only a day. Ironic in light of the Sunday I had had.

2. Justin Fletcher is everywhere! Most days it feels like we have Gigglebiz and Something Special on a loop in our house. It seems he’s taken over our tv, tablet and both phones morning, noon and night. He was even on Britmums this week too! The guy is great for kids television and its lovely to see Georgia learning, dancing and signing along but when you’ve watched every episode on the iPlayer for what seems like a million times and little miss constantly asks for them on…argh! Can’t wait for her to discover Justin’s House or realise he does the voice of Shaun the Sheep.

3. I’m was £35 richer and £75 poorer! I was reminded by my little sister this week that she owed me £35, get in! Quickly followed by can you lend me another £75 until pay day. Despite her having a better job than me, no children and having just come back from a week in Dubai as the big sister I feel duty bound to act as her own personal ‘pay day loan’ provider on a 0% interest basis. True to her word 4 days later £110 was back in my account, only to be swallowed by bills the same day!

4. My daughter is a commando in training! Having turned Miss G’s cot into a bed 2 weeks ago we have had mixed success at keeping her in it each night. Throw in a new Gro Clock and 2 good nights and I thought we had finally mastered her staying in her own room. That was until she appeared one night at the side of our bed, Like something out of a horror movie she was suddenly there, barely visible in the pitch black and we only realised because she said “daddy” before reaching out to touch him. No warning from the intercom, she had managed to open 2 doors (neither were properly closed) and negotiate 2 steps, in the dark without making a noise. Exactly the same happened the next night and I almost now daren’t go to sleep in case she appears at my side one night.

5. I need to start doing pelvic floors again! No detail needed but I’ve had (still got) a rather nasty cough…enough said!

6. Mr L is only selectively blind! Having gone on strike over his washing, I had to relent and put his clean washing away after tripping over the basket for 4 days. I did stick fast and refrained from doing any more washing because his work things were still in the dryer after 5 days. But he must of noticed my fed up mood because on Wednesday he took me out for tea and bought me flowers from the local Tesco on the way to the restaurant because they had my favourites.

7. That the BiBs exist! Suddenly last week a blue and yellow logo was popping up all over people’s blogs and fellow bloggers were asking for BiB nominations. A fellow blogger was kind enough to suggest I put myself forward for the Fresh Voice category but I think I’ll concentrate on helping other great blogs this year and get my act together for 2016.

Mama and More

4 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 16 Mar/22 Mar

    1. Thank you! All we hear is na na (Gigglebiz) or Tumble and no matter how much we try and pretend we don’t understand or try and ignore her she’s very persistent! x


  1. Great post! WOW — your daughter was born the month after my boys and she’s out of a cot already?! Was she climbing out or did you decide you’d give it a go? I’m going to keep the Twinkles in a cot as long as I possibly can!! I’m in absolutely NO hurry to have them in a bed!! maybe when they’re 12..?! HeHe 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


    1. We decided to try a bed because every night she ended up in with us at some point just so we could get some sleep. She’s so far not fallen out of it and although she’s still trying to come in with us, she’s sleeping longer and is now easier to put back and settle in her own bed. There was a small part of me that thought if she’s going to insist on sleeping with us she can make her own way to our room ha ha x


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