About Us

Hi! I’m Kelly from Leeds. I live with my gorgeous daughter Georgia and my fab but equally useless husband Neil. I started this blog in February 2015 while I was off work with a fractured heel. Looking forward to sharing what I think and what I’m doing with you and can’t wait for people to comment or get in touch!

The 3 Of Us

More About Us

I’m a 32 year old working mummy and a family girl. Through choice I would have spent my life as a permanent student. I loved being a teenager, my twenties taught me a lot and so far I’ve gotten married and became a mum in my thirties. I’m currently debating whether I am cut out for baby number 2, and despite not  being domesticated in the slightest trying to make sure we have a nice home to live in and food in for Mr L to cook. I’d love to travel more and see the world but can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

Mr L
My OH is a 36 year old self employed plasterer and makes our house very dusty! He disappears every Saturday during the summer to play cricket for the club we met at. I know he loves me to pieces but that I drive him up the wall. Luckily he’s a calm person who doesn’t really like to shout or argue.  I wouldn’t say he is the most logical person. He’s a great daddy to our little girl and likes to give her his undivided attention whenever he can.

Miss G
After 19.5hours Miss G joined us at 1.23am on Saturday 20 April 2013, weighing 7lb 9oz. She’s growing up to be a clever, funny, cheeky and happy (most of the time) little girl. Its like living with a parrot at the minute and she likes to try and be involved in everything I do. For the last 6 months she has been a super fussy eater. At times she seems to have OCD when it comes to things been dirty, liking her hands to be clean, wiping things  and putting things in the bin. She’s a sociable little madam who now loves nursery after 2 months of hating it. Her favourite things on tv are Gigglebiz, Something Special (Mr Tumble) or Balamory, and she loves reading and singing songs/nursery rhymes.


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