A Day For All Us Mummys

As 15th March approaches and brings with it my second Mothers Day, I thought I would reflect on the first one last year.

I remember being super annoyed that Mr L had already enjoyed his first Fathers Day way back when Georgia was less than 2 months old and I’d had to wait until she was almost 11 months but I was also super excited. By early February I was already thinking about what we should do to mark the day, I was conscious that we also paid homage to our own fantastic mums and that my mum enjoyed her first Mothers Day as a Grandma too.

After speaking to my mum we decided to spend the morning, weather permitting, going for a walk round Oakwell Hall Country Park. This meant we could take the dog, enjoy an ice cream and get some fresh air before further celebrations in the afternoon. As a special treat since it was ‘my day’ and after asking for 5 months, Mr L finally let me carry Georgia in the baby carrier (he always argued it was too much hassle changing all the straps so it fit me and that as she got bigger he was saving me from back ache). As daft as it sounds I was so proud to have her strapped to me and was determined to make it through the whole morning without proving him right.

Me and GeorgiaBrockman/Laycock GirlsMy First Mothers Day

In typical ‘Brockman’ style the morning was always going to go downhill literally! Faced with the option of using steps from the hall back to the field area, or a grass slope we chose the slope naturally. With my precious cargo I was very careful to go slowly, with Neil by my side just in case. Mum on the other hand was left to fend for herself and before we knew it there was a thud, and we all turned round to find her sat on the muddy grass in fits of laughter with Buster (the family dog) starring at her. Cue us all bursting out in fits of laughter too.

Mum on Mothers Day

For the afternoon I wanted to try and get both families together to celebrate so I floated the idea amongst everybody. Before I knew it there was the 3 of us, my parents and sister, Mr L’s parents, his brother, sister-in-law and 3 children and her mum and sister all on board so I booked a table for 15 at a local Italian restaurant. We enjoyed delicious food and had plenty of laughs, in particular about the morning events, which by this time had gone viral around our wider family.

I’ll admit I’ve given less thought to how to mark the day this year. Over the last year theres been lots of special days and I feel very lucky to be a mummy. Having Georgia has made me appreciate my own mummy even more, so I’ll let her choose what we do, as long as it doesn’t involve slopes or mud. Thanks for reading x

Me and Georgia cropped Neil and Jean cropped


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7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 23 Feb/1 March

So I wanted to create a regular blog post and as a mummy, wife, daughter, woman, adult and person (to name a few) it struck me that we are learning new things all the time. Some things are more important or useful than others, some are just nice to know, some things may be shocking or surprising and some things you may wish you hadn’t learnt at all.

Here is my 7 for this week:

1. My fractured heel could take up to 6 months to heal fully! I’m now 2 months on from my accident and don’t have to go back to the hospital for another 2 months but I may have to have an operation if it is healing too slowly.

2. My mum has downloaded the Fifty Shades trilogy to read! After reading it myself when first released I banned her from buying it as the thought of my 60 year old mum reading all those sex scenes was too much to bear and I was trying to save her blushes.

3. You should buy a new mattress for a cot/moses basket for each new baby! I overheard a sales assistant telling a prospective mum this was because of the risk of SIDs while we were out shopping for a new buggy. This wasn’t something I ever thought about and we were given a moses basket by family and never replaced the mattress pad.

4. Even superstars like Madonna can come down to earth with a bang…literally! I’m guessing Mr L and I were amongst the millions of people who let out a gasp as we watched her fall at The Brits.

5. How to customise/add more thingsthings to my blog! I’ve spent the last week working out how to create an archive page and widget (OK so I’ve only been blogging since last month but at least it looks organised even if not much content yet), I’ve added widgets to follow/like me across social media and have set up a Pinterest.

6. Potty training is going to be hard work! I’ll be doing some posts on this but at the minute little miss knows what the potty is for and all depends what mood she’s in whether wants to try use it (tries most days but not actually done anything yet) or whether she screams the house down for a nappy on!

7. I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol! This isn’t technically something I learnt this week but it is something I need to learn and accept as again I was reminded while out at the weekend. Whilst there is a will to be able to handle my drink there doesn’t appear to be a way. I did however give myself a pat on the back for recognising early on being drunk and crutches don’t mix so I took things very steady and enjoyed a soft drink or two.

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Are you worried about Georgia?

Mr L and I enjoyed some adult time on Saturday with family and we were able to leave Georgia in the hands of Grandma and Grandad L for the day/night. I consider us very lucky to both have parents who are very ‘hands on’ when it comes to little miss, which means I can work and we get a great balance of family time and mummy/daddy time.

While out I was asked whether I was worried about Georgia and without hesitation I was able to say no. Being worried about Georgia when she’s not in my care is an emotion I’ve never had. Instead I explained I worried more about her behaving and not causing any trouble for whoever was caring for her. I want whoever spends time with her to get as much joy and enjoyment as I get being with her (without any toddler tantrums). Whether that be grandparent, auntie, uncle, godparent or friend.

From her being a tiny baby its always been that way. She first ‘slept out’ at my mum and dads when she was 2 weeks old and as new parents we seized the opportunity to get some much needed sleep. At no point did I worry about Georgia. I worried how my parents would feel having broken sleep and having to deal with night feeds almost 30 years after their own children, I worried whether her crying would disturb my sister, the neighbours or upset the dog. When thinking about Georgia the only thing I did do was miss her, I wanted to know everything she was doing and when so I still felt involved.

Having been asked the question on Saturday, I’ve thought about why I don’t worry about her, and wondered whether I should. Was I being irresponsible by not, was I being naïve as a new mum. I know many mummies who wouldn’t dream of letting their child sleep out at 12 months let alone 2 weeks but I’d had no difficulty…did that make me a ‘bad’ mum. Without hesitation I find myself saying no again. I’ve realised over the weekend I don’t worry about Georgia in this way because there is no need. I may have no problem entrusting somebody else to look after my little girl, but that doesn’t mean anybody can do it. Since finding out I was pregnant she has been the most precious thing in my life and I know I would only leave her if I was totally certain. I don’t doubt somebody else can look after her as well if not better than me and they often do. I also like to think being ‘passed around’ has helped make her the sociable, outgoing little girl she is. These days I still miss her, but I enjoy the time to be Kelly too and feel very fortunate I can have both. She’ll hopefully always need her mummy, but its ok if she wants, grandma, grandad, auntie, uncle, godparent or friend too!

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Play Gym Friday 27/02/15 #Week 1

We decided to go to one of the smaller local play gyms called Buttons for our outing this afternoon. Ive been taking Georgia since she was about 8 months old as it has a designated baby section, a 2-3 years section and a bigger play area for the over 3s.  I’m a mummy who likes to encourage their child to have some freedom at the play gym, attempting to watch from a safe distance and hoping the child I can hear crying is not mine, or crying because of mine! Despite this, I do spend many Fridays on my hands and knees, unable to stand up, encouraging little miss to venture this way and that, go down the slide or swim in the ball pool (sure many parents know all about this) so today because it was quiet we (aka I) decided to be brave and try G playing in the area meant for the over 3s as this meant she could play more with her cousin who is 4 and that there would be more for her to explore and enjoy!

I’m always surprised at the heights children are expected to climb to move around different levels in any play gym and how some children, no matter how old or tall, manage this better than others. Georgia finds coming down easier than going up and although she will try, she often needs a helping hand, something her cousin is very good at giving. Not really able to climb in myself at the minute, I watched from the floor as G let her cousin give her a leg up each step and lead the way, before suddenly changing her mind and filling the small industrial estate unit with screams of “Mummy, Mummy”, closely followed by tears. Her cousin knew he had been beaten so rather than try force her to come down with him, he did what most 4 year olds would do and that was race down to get me. Luckily being ‘stuck’ as she told me, put G off venturing into unknown territory again and she stuck to what she knew after.

Note to self:- little miss is only 22 months old, despite me feeling like she’s been here forever some days.


Stalking the Sale

I love my little girl to look good so I spend a lot of time online looking for cute clothes and shoes for her, ideally at discounted prices. Mr L despairs when I say we need to make a trip to Next to collect an order because that usually means there are several orders waiting because I stalk the Sale and Clearance section on their website! Some days I check out the website several times throughout the day, on a ‘good’ day this can be anything between 10-15 times, making sure nothing new has been added or suddenly become available on a hourly basis.

Some of the latest bargains I have snapped up…

2015-02-25_15.22.02 2015-02-25_13.41.47

On occasion I have braved the sale in store, but being up, ready and out before 6am is really not an easy thing for a mummy who loves her bed and I’m lucky that Georgia isn’t an early riser either. Mr L has also had invites to be a VIP sale shopper, so I’ve been able to take advantage of this too. Personally I prefer not to look beforehand and see what is likely to be available, especially when there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get everything you see. I’ve also now learnt sometimes you have to be patient for unavailable items to become available as items move quickly from screen to basket and back again. Another reason why I check the website on a regular basis!

Trips to the store outside of sale time give me an excuse to look at the current items in store and pick out pieces to buy in the future. If I’m really lucky Mr L will agree to buying some things then and there. Although he complains I buy little miss too much, deep down I know he is just as bad as me and definitely has an opinion on what she wears and whether he likes something or not (he’s the same with my clothes too!) Our local store is in a retail park and has the benefit of having a Costa inside too, so we usually combine a visit with lunch or afternoon coffee/cake and I use this to my advantage because Mr L is a sucker for Costa and Georgia likes it too. Great collaboration and a win win for everybody in my family!

Look out for more posts about shopping…thanks for reading x

All pictures courtesy of www.next.co.uk

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Stop Thief!

So I’d been looking forward to a family outing to the fair all week, it was going to be the first time Georgia had ever been to one. I was supposed to be taking her with my mum and dad and then at the last minute Mr L finished work on time to join us. We put on our warmest clothes and set off as it started to get dark so little miss could see all the bright lights at their best. All excited I took a family selfie not long after getting there and within 5 minutes the whole night had been ruined. I can only assume somebody saw me take the picture and put my phone away in my pocket, so when I went to take another picture of Georgia and Daddy minutes later as they sat patiently on the first ride she’s ever been on I went into panic mode when I realised my phone had gone!

I’d been stood by myself watching while my mum and dad bought donuts at a nearby stall, balancing on my crutches and taking in the smiles and different faces coming from Georgia as she took everything in. We frantically searched every pocket twice, my bag 3 times, everyone else’s pockets and bags (despite me knowing it wouldn’t be there), dad set off to do a quick retrace of our steps, whilst mum rang the phone only to find it going straight to voicemail and obviously turned off. Once Mr L came off the ride he said he had seen a woman pass me and at first had thought we must have spoken due to how close she had been but I had no idea she had ever been next to me, or felt anybody close. Tears followed, not for the phone but the photos of Georgia I’ve now lost and whilst dad and I went to a quieter corner to make the necessary calls to the phone company and police we made the decision for mum and Mr L to continue to take Georgia round and try enjoy the outing.

I’ve kicked myself since for not being more vigilant, Mr L has kicked himself for not being by my side and I’ve kicked myself for not keeping a more regular backup of all the data on the phone since changing the laptop last November. Syncing the phone to the new laptop has been on my to do list since then and I’ve no excuse really with the time away from work I’m having. Typically last night after changing about a million passwords just in case, I spent hours reading about apps that can help find your phone even when switched off, about how people can still access info from your phone despite having a pin and ways they can still use/sell your phone despite the handset being blacklisted. I also now know for 79p a month I could have increased the cloud storage I have and had all my photos saved automatically. More kicking myself followed!

The only saving grace is I did have insurance despite there being a £100 excess!!! I’m now waiting for the relevant paper work to arrive and fingers crossed a new phone will follow asap. I can then look forward to the hours it will take to set it up so it at least resembles my old phone, take every security measure that I now know is available and will no doubt be having to change quite a few passwords again having forgotten the new ones already! Thanks for reading x

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I want my Daddy

Since before Christmas, Georgia has been all about Daddy. She calls his name at night when she wakes up, she asks for him as soon as she gets up on a morning. She only wants Daddy to pick her up and she only wants to give/get cuddles and kisses from Daddy. Whenever he leaves a room and doesn’t take her with him she screams and cries and when I ask her who loves Georgia, she says Daddy. Her face lights up and she gets so excited when he comes home from work, or collects her from Grandma and Grandad’s and if I’m with him I barely get a look and she pushes past me to get to him. Daddy has also been looking after Georgia more than ever since my accident and I worry all this will be reinforced by him doing nearly everything.

Georgia and daddy nil and ge

I’ve scoured the internet and read numerous articles online that all suggest this is a phase, but its definitely made the last couple of months even more difficult and left me feeling more useless and helpless as a mum. Its also added to the pressure Mr L has felt under to take care of us, the house and work full time. Most articles suggested we should continue to carry on as normal and not let Georgia dictate who did what and when, but there has been certain things I couldn’t do. Bedtime has always been ‘Mummy and Georgia’ time, we’d have a story and snuggles in her chair and I’d lift her into her cot and wait in her room until she fell asleep. I suddenly wasn’t able to walk without crutches so couldn’t carry or get her into bed and as soon as Daddy got involved I wasn’t needed or wanted.

As I slowly find my feet again I’ve been able to get more involved and on occasion now she will shout out for Daddy and Mummy but she is still definitely a Daddy’s Girl and although I love the bond they have, I’m looking forward to more ‘Mummy and Georgia’ time in the future.

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Love is in the air…

I’d love to say that every day was like Valentines Day in our house but I’d be lying! As it happens Mr L and I don’t really bother with it, we do cards and might have a takeaway. Even for our first Valentines together we booked a table for a nice meal out and then let his mum and dad use it.

This year however my lovely hubby has decided he will take me out for a romantic meal to celebrate…tonight! He’s booked a table at Blackhouse, The Grill on the Square in Leeds and as a member we’ll get 20% off our food. I’m also told he’ll be giving me my card today too and we aren’t doing presents. The big question for me is which card will he give me seen as I know he bought one from Asda weeks ago, forgot he’d bought it and bought another from Morrisons this week. He found the first card when he went to hide the second. I’m shaking my head typing this!! I’ve knowingly bought him two cards though because they were both too perfect and I couldn’t resist getting him a card from Georgia too, so technically that makes 3. I bought mine from two great pages on Facebook and can’t wait to see his face when he opens them. I also found this gorgeous heart decoration on another page and think I may have to order it for myself.

image Carly’s Crafts                                                    Treasure Tree Crafts 

(This is also available as a Mother’s Day card from Carly’s Crafts)

image (1)

Jens Little T

I would have liked to buy Mr L a present this year to acknowledge how great he’s been and how much he’s done while I’ve been ‘healing’ so to speak, the problem is he is impossible to buy for. Every year I struggle when it comes to his birthday or Christmas and now I have to come up with presents from Georgia too, as well as Fathers Day to think about. He always says he doesn’t want anything or to buy aftershave, which I can’t do all the time! If you’ve any ideas feel free to pass them on.

Little miss has been getting in on Valentines Day too and came home yesterday with a decorated heart she’d done at toddler group, not sure which one, she goes to that many, but it now has pride of place on the fridge. I know she’s had help from Grandma whenever she brings something home but it doesn’t take away from the feeling I get inside and watching her come marching in waving whatever her latest creation is melts my heart, even when I realise she has left a trail of sequins and glitter…thanks for reading x

georgia heart



Our Christmas and the broken foot!

I realise its February but…I’ve mentioned I fractured my foot on Boxing Day but that was the cherry on top for the Christmas we had! Typically the first Christmas we had decided to host at home!

Georgia hadn’t been well for weeks…she’d had countless sickness bugs, colds and coughs to the point she was being sick again, an ear infection and our Doctor just told us it was all normal and to ride it out. Then Christmas week she came out in spots! Back we went to the doctors on Christmas Eve only to be told the doctor couldn’t be sure and their guess was impetigo or hand, foot and mouth (not to be confused with foot and mouth). Armed with a bottle of penicillin and having been warned she could be contagious we set about cancelling the family visits planned for that day and told her grandparents we understood if they wanted to spend Christmas Day elsewhere. Not wanting to ruin the day they all decided to risk it and despite the penicillin really really not agreeing with little miss we did have a great day!


Mr L had agreed to do a couple of hours behind the bar of our cricket club Boxing Day afternoon, and as my family congregate there after the rugby and because the spots had gone down me and little miss decided to risk a hour out…big mistake. After 30 minutes of being there Georgia started being sick so after a quick clean up and a change of clothes we went home where she instantly fell asleep.

Now the cherry bit…when little miss woke up 3 hours later she was in a great mood, was asking for some toast and insisted on me carrying her and going downstairs. We were doing so well until I reached 3 steps from the bottom and I can’t explain what happened other than we fell. As expected my only thoughts were not dropping Georgia and making sure she landed on me. I obviously acted as a good cushion because she was fine other than in shock.

Poor Neil heard a bang from the kitchen and rushed in to find Georgia crying, me writhing in agony and us both on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. No sooner had he calmed her down I started crying and that set her off again. I assumed it was a sprain so spent the night with it elevated and applied ice but woke up the next day to Mr L adament we were going to the minor injury clinic to be sure and after being told off for not taking any pain relief they confirmed a break, potted me up and sent me away with instructions to phone the hospital on Monday. Merry Christmas!!!