Spotlight on George

The title isn’t a spelling mistake of little miss’s name, but because I am loving George @ Asda. This isn’t a new found love but one that really started when I found out I was pregnant (deciding on the name Georgia had nothing to do with this BTW). As I grew in nearly every direction, yes I was one of those pregnant women who didn’t worry about baby weight, I wanted good quality but more importantly good value clothes to see me through my maternity. After finding out baby was pink I needed to get all the essentials whilst also building her a wardrobe as cute as I knew she would be. I was conscious she would grow far too quickly for my liking and we were also planning a wedding so needed to watch the pennies. I especially loved and still do love being able to combine boring food shopping with picking out gorgeous outfits for Miss G, and when really lucky items for myself.

Out of the blue two weeks ago Auntie Tatey called to check what size clothes to buy Miss G and she arrived at our house with these…

Presents from Auntie Tatey

Georgia and I happened to visit our local Asda last week and realised a sale was taking place. You can’t beat an opportunity to grab a bargain so I scoured the rail for anything in age 2-3 to add to the collection I’m building up for when she moves a size. These are some of the finds I managed to buy…

Sale @Asda

This week I’ve spent some time browsing the online store picking out items to buy in the future and in particular for our holiday in June…

Hope to buy...

Finally I managed to drag Mr L into our local Asda Living store today and pi led up these little gems. A great mixture of for now, for our holidays and a super cute Doc McStuffin outfit for Miss G’s birthday next month…

Today's purchases!


Love is in the air…

I’d love to say that every day was like Valentines Day in our house but I’d be lying! As it happens Mr L and I don’t really bother with it, we do cards and might have a takeaway. Even for our first Valentines together we booked a table for a nice meal out and then let his mum and dad use it.

This year however my lovely hubby has decided he will take me out for a romantic meal to celebrate…tonight! He’s booked a table at Blackhouse, The Grill on the Square in Leeds and as a member we’ll get 20% off our food. I’m also told he’ll be giving me my card today too and we aren’t doing presents. The big question for me is which card will he give me seen as I know he bought one from Asda weeks ago, forgot he’d bought it and bought another from Morrisons this week. He found the first card when he went to hide the second. I’m shaking my head typing this!! I’ve knowingly bought him two cards though because they were both too perfect and I couldn’t resist getting him a card from Georgia too, so technically that makes 3. I bought mine from two great pages on Facebook and can’t wait to see his face when he opens them. I also found this gorgeous heart decoration on another page and think I may have to order it for myself.

image Carly’s Crafts                                                    Treasure Tree Crafts 

(This is also available as a Mother’s Day card from Carly’s Crafts)

image (1)

Jens Little T

I would have liked to buy Mr L a present this year to acknowledge how great he’s been and how much he’s done while I’ve been ‘healing’ so to speak, the problem is he is impossible to buy for. Every year I struggle when it comes to his birthday or Christmas and now I have to come up with presents from Georgia too, as well as Fathers Day to think about. He always says he doesn’t want anything or to buy aftershave, which I can’t do all the time! If you’ve any ideas feel free to pass them on.

Little miss has been getting in on Valentines Day too and came home yesterday with a decorated heart she’d done at toddler group, not sure which one, she goes to that many, but it now has pride of place on the fridge. I know she’s had help from Grandma whenever she brings something home but it doesn’t take away from the feeling I get inside and watching her come marching in waving whatever her latest creation is melts my heart, even when I realise she has left a trail of sequins and glitter…thanks for reading x

georgia heart