Liebster Award

My very first message on Facebook came from the lovely Mammy Red Head across in Ireland asking if I was up for getting a Liebster award nomination and after finding out what the award was I knew I should grab at the chance for networking and telling you more about me. Then like buses, who in my experience usually come in twos, the week my questions came through I received another nomination, this time from the other side of the world and fellow blogger Steps with Sarah in Australia!! I always love seeing where in the world people are reading my blog from and it always surprises me that people across the globe would read things that little old me writes. Thanks to both ladies – I love your blogs and hope my answers do the nominations justice.

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With me having 2 sets of questions I thought it best if I took out some if they were the same/similar and merge those I felt would go well together so here are my answers:

Why I started blogging/Where did my blog name come from? I’ve mentioned before that I fractured my heel on Boxing Day and while I had to rest my foot I noticed an old friend from junior school had a blog, started to read that and found other blogs and so on until I wanted to start writing. I based my name on the situation I was in at the time and why I started a blog.
What is the worst/most frustrating thing about blogging? Wanting to write but not having the time and second guessing myself whether what I’m writing is interesting and worrying people won’t read it.
Have I got any tattoos or would I like to get any? I have 2 tattoos! Some butterflies on the lower right side of my back and my mum/dad/sisters first name initials on the left side of my stomach. My mum and dad have similar tattoos on their backs and all were designed by a friend. As for any more I’ve always wanted the butterflies to go right up my back but am waiting until I’m done having babies so I can have something personal to them too.
Which Spice Girl are you? Scary but only because both from Leeds.
Best blogging tip to share? Get talking to other bloggers and write as much as you can.
3 things in my handbag now? Purse, old receipts, Chinese takeaway menu.
3 things I can’t live without? My phone, my daughter, my independence
First thing I do on a morning and last thing I do on a night? Check my phone.
Item of clothing I can’t live without? A scarf – I wear one with every outfit, every day.
Book I’ve read in the last 6 months? Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera. I’ve met Jasvinder and heard her speak and found her to be an inspiration.
How many pairs of shoes do I owe? Way too many when I live in Converse or Dr Martens.
Share a favourite quote – from the singer Pink “once you figure out what respect tastes like, it takes better than attention. But you have to get there”.
Me in 3 words – mummy, over-thinker, emotional
What would you tell 15 year old you? To not make bad love choices in your twenties and enjoy life in other ways. To keep up being sporty and not get lazy.
What are your interests? Music, films, spending time with my family, shopping, bargain hunting and now blogging!
What one food could you eat everyday for the rest of your life? Crisps and I intend to.

Answering the questions was great fun but I’ve really enjoyed reading other blogs to come up with my nominations…

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My questions for you all:

1. Where would you like your blog to take you?
2. What album are you listening to in your car/home at the minute?
3. What is your favourite type of takeaway?
4. How would somebody close to you describe you?
5. What can’t you miss on tv?
6. How often do you check twitter?
7. If you could be on holiday anywhere in the world right now where would you be?
8. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
9. What was the last concert/gig you went to and when?
10. How long have you been blogging for?
11. What 3 things can’t you live without?

The Rules!

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Answer the questions above and post on your blog.
Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 400 followers
Ask 11 questions of your own
Let all nominees know you’ve nominated them.


7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 23 Feb/1 March

So I wanted to create a regular blog post and as a mummy, wife, daughter, woman, adult and person (to name a few) it struck me that we are learning new things all the time. Some things are more important or useful than others, some are just nice to know, some things may be shocking or surprising and some things you may wish you hadn’t learnt at all.

Here is my 7 for this week:

1. My fractured heel could take up to 6 months to heal fully! I’m now 2 months on from my accident and don’t have to go back to the hospital for another 2 months but I may have to have an operation if it is healing too slowly.

2. My mum has downloaded the Fifty Shades trilogy to read! After reading it myself when first released I banned her from buying it as the thought of my 60 year old mum reading all those sex scenes was too much to bear and I was trying to save her blushes.

3. You should buy a new mattress for a cot/moses basket for each new baby! I overheard a sales assistant telling a prospective mum this was because of the risk of SIDs while we were out shopping for a new buggy. This wasn’t something I ever thought about and we were given a moses basket by family and never replaced the mattress pad.

4. Even superstars like Madonna can come down to earth with a bang…literally! I’m guessing Mr L and I were amongst the millions of people who let out a gasp as we watched her fall at The Brits.

5. How to customise/add more thingsthings to my blog! I’ve spent the last week working out how to create an archive page and widget (OK so I’ve only been blogging since last month but at least it looks organised even if not much content yet), I’ve added widgets to follow/like me across social media and have set up a Pinterest.

6. Potty training is going to be hard work! I’ll be doing some posts on this but at the minute little miss knows what the potty is for and all depends what mood she’s in whether wants to try use it (tries most days but not actually done anything yet) or whether she screams the house down for a nappy on!

7. I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol! This isn’t technically something I learnt this week but it is something I need to learn and accept as again I was reminded while out at the weekend. Whilst there is a will to be able to handle my drink there doesn’t appear to be a way. I did however give myself a pat on the back for recognising early on being drunk and crutches don’t mix so I took things very steady and enjoyed a soft drink or two.

Mama and More

About me and why I’m blogging…

My name is Kelly and I’m a 32 year old married mum of 1 from Leeds! My daughter Georgia will be 2 in April and every day she teaches me something different and I see her do something new. I slipped down the stairs at home on Boxing Day and fractured my heel and have spent alot of the last 6 weeks at home reading other people’s blogs and entering competitions on the new tablet my hubby bought me for Christmas (I actually researched, went to the shop and bought the tablet with my money but he assures me he will be paying me back…at some point). I loved reading about other mum’s experiences and thoughts and this made me want to start writing. Hopefully some people will enjoy reading what I have to say too. IMG_9154 Me and my family…hello!

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