7 Things I’ve Learnt This Week – 9 Mar/15 Mar

This week has been full on busy compared to the last, mainly because I am now back at work! And because I’ve learnt all of the below…

1. 11 weeks might as well have been 11 months! After a day in the office I felt like I’d missed so much and had way too many questions that nobody had time to answer. A week later and in some ways it feels like nothing has changed while I’ve been away but I still best get my head down and catch up quick. (I’ve written a post about going back here).

2. Now I’m back at work I need to balance being a working mum/wife again and now a blogger too! I’m really enjoying writing and I want to build up an audience but I recognise the time I have has now reduced and will reduce even more when back working fully. To try and make life easier I downloaded Hootsuite this week and will be trying to schedule more tweets, and hopefully write blog posts to publish at a later date.

3. My bruv-in-law’s birthday is on steak and blowjob day! I was aware this day existed but couldn’t have told you the actual date. I now know it is the 14 March which also happens to be Mr L’s little brothers birthday. I wonder whether he knows?!?

4. Little miss got into a fight! When I arrived at nursery last week I was asked to read and sign an incident form explaining little miss had been in a dispute with another kid and was now sporting a nasty scratch on her face. I was horrified to learn G had started it but relieved that the other kid was alright and unmarked. We’ve since had a few outbursts over this weekend that have even resulted in Mr L feeling the need to give her a telling off and I’m seriously hoping we can nip any issues in the bud before I have to start keeping her away from everyone.

5. I’m pretty sure Mr L doesn’t realise how much I actually do! I was hoping my being incapacitated from doing most things around the house, doing the food shopping and running around after Miss G would make Mr L realise how much I actually do but instead this week he complained to relatives about not having any clothes to wear because I never do any washing. I wanted to punch him. Needless to say he put his own washing in yesterday and was left to dry it too!! I’m on strike.

6. Shopping with a toddler is now no fun! Shopping with a husband and toddler is even less fun! Little Miss now insists on walking everywhere we go, and despite having ‘reins’ walking translates to running off at every opportunity and touching everything in sight. Although you are saved from having to take chase as Miss G tries to give you the slip, the end result when shopping with both is a screaming child and a very very cheesed off husband (he was already cheesed off about shopping in the first place). It is also always the case that Mr L and little miss walk away with bags of purchases while you give up , admit defeat and order everyone back to the car. Instead of enjoying some retail therapy you feel like you need therapy just to get over the trip. Needless to say I made a hasty purchase in desperation and will now have to endure another visit to the shops to take it back.

7. Next Mothers Day I am going away! With the mother in laws birthday Friday, brother in laws Saturday, and Mothers Day Sunday, presents to think of and buy from little miss as well as from me/Mr L by Sunday I was exhausted. I realise Mothers Day is earlier next year so everything won’t be happening all at once but still. I was lucky to get a lie in until 9.30am but then spent all morning and lunchtime being in a rush and running late for each visit we needed to make. In fairness Mothers Day this year was no different to any day really. No breakfast in bed (in fact no breakfast full stop) and a little girl who only wanted to know daddy. So next year I plan on planning it myself like last year and being somewhere with a hot tub.

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Spotlight on George

The title isn’t a spelling mistake of little miss’s name, but because I am loving George @ Asda. This isn’t a new found love but one that really started when I found out I was pregnant (deciding on the name Georgia had nothing to do with this BTW). As I grew in nearly every direction, yes I was one of those pregnant women who didn’t worry about baby weight, I wanted good quality but more importantly good value clothes to see me through my maternity. After finding out baby was pink I needed to get all the essentials whilst also building her a wardrobe as cute as I knew she would be. I was conscious she would grow far too quickly for my liking and we were also planning a wedding so needed to watch the pennies. I especially loved and still do love being able to combine boring food shopping with picking out gorgeous outfits for Miss G, and when really lucky items for myself.

Out of the blue two weeks ago Auntie Tatey called to check what size clothes to buy Miss G and she arrived at our house with these…

Presents from Auntie Tatey

Georgia and I happened to visit our local Asda last week and realised a sale was taking place. You can’t beat an opportunity to grab a bargain so I scoured the rail for anything in age 2-3 to add to the collection I’m building up for when she moves a size. These are some of the finds I managed to buy…

Sale @Asda

This week I’ve spent some time browsing the online store picking out items to buy in the future and in particular for our holiday in June…

Hope to buy...

Finally I managed to drag Mr L into our local Asda Living store today and pi led up these little gems. A great mixture of for now, for our holidays and a super cute Doc McStuffin outfit for Miss G’s birthday next month…

Today's purchases!

Stalking the Sale

I love my little girl to look good so I spend a lot of time online looking for cute clothes and shoes for her, ideally at discounted prices. Mr L despairs when I say we need to make a trip to Next to collect an order because that usually means there are several orders waiting because I stalk the Sale and Clearance section on their website! Some days I check out the website several times throughout the day, on a ‘good’ day this can be anything between 10-15 times, making sure nothing new has been added or suddenly become available on a hourly basis.

Some of the latest bargains I have snapped up…

2015-02-25_15.22.02 2015-02-25_13.41.47

On occasion I have braved the sale in store, but being up, ready and out before 6am is really not an easy thing for a mummy who loves her bed and I’m lucky that Georgia isn’t an early riser either. Mr L has also had invites to be a VIP sale shopper, so I’ve been able to take advantage of this too. Personally I prefer not to look beforehand and see what is likely to be available, especially when there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get everything you see. I’ve also now learnt sometimes you have to be patient for unavailable items to become available as items move quickly from screen to basket and back again. Another reason why I check the website on a regular basis!

Trips to the store outside of sale time give me an excuse to look at the current items in store and pick out pieces to buy in the future. If I’m really lucky Mr L will agree to buying some things then and there. Although he complains I buy little miss too much, deep down I know he is just as bad as me and definitely has an opinion on what she wears and whether he likes something or not (he’s the same with my clothes too!) Our local store is in a retail park and has the benefit of having a Costa inside too, so we usually combine a visit with lunch or afternoon coffee/cake and I use this to my advantage because Mr L is a sucker for Costa and Georgia likes it too. Great collaboration and a win win for everybody in my family!

Look out for more posts about shopping…thanks for reading x

All pictures courtesy of www.next.co.uk

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